Importance of Church Membership

At Transformation Church we believe that the local church body is incredibly important because it is a direct reflection of the universal Church. Through the local church, members are able to give of their spiritual gifts, resources, and service while also being held accountable to God's word.

While church membership is not explicitly instituted in the Bible, it is certainly not prohibited either. In fact, a form of organized church membership can clearly be seen in the early church recorded in the Bible. (1 Corinthians 5:12, Acts 6:3, and 2 Corinthians 6:14-18).

Church membership allows you to identify yourself with a local body of believers while also helping you stay accountable to spiritual leadership. Church membership enables the local body to stay on track by uniting its members in similar doctrine and belief. Church members also have the privilege of voting on important issues brought forth by the Elders.

Membership Process

Apply for Membership

You can fill out a Membership Application in order to start the process. Prospective members should download and familiarize themselves with the following:

Apply for Membership

Attend a Membership Class

Prospective Members must attend a regularly-scheduled membership class where the history, doctrine and functions of Transformation Church will be explained in depth. This meeting will also go over the biblical and historical precedence for church membership and its necessity today. Prospective members will be notified of when the class will take place

Attend Membership Interview

An Elder or Elders of Transformation Church will ask the prospective member questions about their confession of belief in Christ, personal testimony, church history (if applicable), and other questions relating to their spiritual life. This is a great opportunity for prospective members to ask any questions they might have.

Be Welcomed as a Member

Prospective members that are accepted for membership shall present themselves, if possible, at a specially designated worship service in order to publicly affirm their commitment to membership and to be publicly received, acknowledged and celebrated as church members!