Men's Ministry 

As men of God we are burdened by where our country is headed these days. What was once known to be evil now seems to be considered "good," or (at the very best) relative to the individual. Each day we are tested on whether we'll stand for what matters to Jesus Christ.

Here at Transformation Church we are not looking for the next or newest model for discipleship and church growth. Rather, we rely on the ancient model Jesus himself left for us 2000 years ago. Jesus walked with a group of men. As it is written in Luke 9:2, Jesus sent out his disciples to proclaim the Gospel and expand the Kingdom of God. This is what the Men's Ministry is all about. And, to do this, men have to be courageous.

Now is the time for men to be on their guard. As it's been written in 1 Corinthians 16:13, men must stand firm on their faith, their values, and on the grace of Jesus Christ. Join us in sharpening men to boldly fight for their marriages, their families, this city, and the Kingdom of God. 

Let's join forces as the body of Christ to boldly proclaim the Supremacy of Jesus Christ. If you would like more information on Men's Ministry, please contact us today!